Raiders Odyssey

Rules of the game

The goal of the game is to collect more coins than the other players and successfully leave the dungeon. The more coins a player collects, the higher he takes a place in the leaderboard. The leaderboard displays the addresses of the best players and the coins they have accumulated:
1. Collect a coin get 1 coin
2. Complete a level get 5 coins
3. Collect Ethereum coin get 10 coins
4. Open a portal get 20 coins
5. Invite a friend get 10 coins
Throughout the game, the player would come across chests containing valuable items. In order to proceed to the next level of the dungeon, the player must find a key in one of the level's chests. However, to complete the game, the player must find a teleportation scroll within one of the chests and use the portal to escape from the dungeon.
The game is fraught with perilous traps and deadly monsters which move at varying speeds, making it imperative for the player to maneuver deftly and avoid them at all costs in order to survive. As the player advances through each new level, the difficulty increases, with more daunting obstacles and terrifying monsters to confront.
Whenever the player successfully emerges from the dungeon, the coins earned in the current session are added to the previous total. In case of the player's demise, they only receive 50% of the coins. The screen displays the player's current ranking on the leaderboard and the total number of coins earned.