Raiders Odyssey


What is collection Raiders Odyssey?

Raiders Odyssey is a collection of 222 NFTs exclusively on BITCOIN that opens up exciting arcade game that immerses players in a pixelated arcade world.

What is Raiders ART?

Raiders Odyssey art is a stunning example of pixel art inspired by classic arcade games. Each piece features a highly detailed and vibrant illustration of a fearless Raider on a quest for treasure.

What is Raiders Odyssey: Demo?

The "Raiders Odyssey: Demo" is a version of a fast-paced arcade-style game that offers players a thrilling adventure. The 100 best-performing players get Raiders List, an award for their contribution to the game development during the beta testing phase.

What is Raiders Odyssey: The Beginning?

The "Raiders Odyssey: The Beginning" is a game that requires possession of the NFT. The top three players with the highest scores at the end of the game will receive the reward from the "Raiders Bank".

How do get on the Raiders List or Whitelist?

Play the game "Raiders Odyssey: Demo". The top 100 players will be added to the Raiders List as a reward for their contribution to the development of the game during the beta testing phase.
*Follow our announcements on social networks and participate in events. Keep a close eye on our friends with whom we cooperate and be active for the Whitelist.
Last modified 7mo ago